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Our Plants & Services


We carry natural brown and dyed black mulch. Mulch is $34/yard. Buy 3 yards or more and get free local delivery* 


Topsoil is great to build a garden bed your garden and to fill up holes in your yard. Topsoil is $34/yard. Buy 3 yards or more and get free local delivery*


We carry river rock, red stone, driveway stone, and other varieties. Call for more information. 

Delivery Services

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Our Plants

We have many trees and shrubs for your garden. Ask our experts for the types of trees/shrubs and flowers that will work best with your garden conditions. Add annual flowers to create a pop of color in your yard. Trees can provide shade and privacy. Hanging baskets also add color and make your patio look bright and beautiful. Visit us today to see our limited stock of annuals and perennials. 

We accept cash & checks only. Thank you.

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